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The detour vacation, traveling in groups and micro adventures

In 2019 we will be going on a detour holiday to get away from the mass of international tourists. As an alternative for the highlights we are looking for the second best places that we will have all to ourselves. Camping in a national park, visiting a festival or stargazing in your own backyard? We are embracing the micro adventures in our own country to escape the daily grind. A special trip, like a safari with a group of friends, family or even strangers with the same interests is growing in popularity, because a vacation is better when you are in a bubble with likeminded people. Or maybe a fix trip like a boot camp vacation to come back feeling reborn. Not really the adventurous type? The cocoon vacation is for everyone that wants to cocoon in comfortable peace and quiet. Through the ongoing research on trends by travel trend researcher Tessa aan de Stegge, it appears that Dutch people are increasingly choosing the conscious way of going on a vacation in 2019.  We are getting to know more about the positive effects of traveling on our health and the impact of our vacations on the country we are visiting. Aan de Stegge presents the travel trends for conscious travelers.

“We are on a tipping point that helps us to also make more conscious decisions on our vacation”

2019: feeling good about leaving the masses on vacation

Tessa aan de Stegge thinks that we are on a tipping point that helps us to also make more conscious decisions on our vacation. “A vacation is a reward for hard work, it is understandable that people want to think less about consuming consciously at that time. But probably no Western traveler wants to be an ‘over tourist’ because we attach a lot of meaning to the vacation experience that feels personal. The worldwide increase of tourists and the busyness that it brings, will make us look at our trips differently. Next to that, the amount of Dutch people who want to live and travel in a way that is not only good for them, but also conscious for the country that they are visiting, is growing.” Scientists shared their insights on the beneficial influence of a vacation to our physical and mental health. Dematerialization ensures that people choose travel experiences above presents, anniversaries are celebrated during a trip with family or friends. The numbers for short and long vacations are growing every year and that will not be any different in 2019.

At the same time, we are more conscious about the other side of traveling. The phenomenon overtourism in cities like Barcelona became visible. The images of the plastic problem on Bali and a Thai island that closed their doors to tourists so that nature could recover. The overloaded donkeys on Santorini and the effects of the good intended voluntourism, like volunteer work in an orphanage in Asia that apparently had a commercial nature. The ecological impact of the CO2 emission of mostly traveling by plane is on the map now too. To travel by plane or not, is now a topic of discussion in families and train companies are selling more tickets for trips to Brussel, Paris and Berlin than the year before. We are seeing this in the conscious travel trends for 2019.

“The answer to overtourism is the detour vacation”

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Azulik Mexico

The detour vacation

The trend of the detour vacation is a reaction to overtourism by Dutch people that want to avoid the masses and travel more consciously. Most Western travelers do not want to be an over tourist, because experiencing something with thousands of others will make your vacation a lot less special. We will leave the existing paths and look for the second best highlights. You can eat a great pasta anywhere in Italy and there are alternatives for a selfie at the Trevi fountain that you make with hundreds of people in the background, right? The detour vacation, a form of detourism makes for a unique vacation and the local culture and nature will be maintained at the same time. CNN Travel called the Dutch city of Groningen the best alternative for the city of Amsterdam. The American destination Jackson Hole encourages travelers to spread within the area by not geotagging their exact location on Instagram.

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“More and more people are finding a balance in their own vacation pleasure and doing something back for the country that they are visiting”

Do good, feel good while traveling

We are confronted more with the effects of our vacations because we are traveling more. The conscious trend Do good, feel good catches on to that feeling. A growing number of –mostly young- travelers are doing something back for the place that they are visiting, like a beach clean up where they clear the beach of plastic. The travel branch also initiates a lot of ways for travelers to decrease their ecological footprint. At ZeroBnB you can find the eco accommodations that you can visit from Airbnb, travel organizations will show you the CO2 emission of your trip in an infographic and these days you can also buy tokens to compensate for your emission through block chain technology. Travelers can get a micro credit for a local entrepreneur of their choice, paid for te tour operator and on the Dutch island of Terschelling you can sign up for an environmental beach hunt to combine your vacation with doing something good.

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“2019: travel experiences instead of presents to celebrate anniversaries”

Traveling in a group

Traveling with likeminded people is becoming more popular. Also for ourselves we make conscious decisions. Groups of friends and families are deciding to make more trips together, a safari in Tanzania for example is very popular. Group travels for single people and for people with the same interests like yoga, cooking, entrepreneurship, mountain biking or scientific research are also growing. After the trend of road tripping with an RV, the trend community camping is showing up. Campspace brings likeminded campers and private camping places together through events. Solo travel does not have to mean that you are traveling alone, a lot of apps like Tourlina are focusing on these travelers’ need to find a connection with others. Traveling in a group is going to be an important travel trend in the upcoming years.

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“Traveling to feel reborn”

Fix trip

Traveling with the intention of coming back home feeling reborn is a much heard of motive to go on vacation. The sportive possibilities are endless with the trend Fix trip: from the surfari (surf vacation) to yoga and bootcamp vacations. On the mental and spiritual side of things the vacation is amazing: the mumcation for moms that have to refuel, safe your marriage trips or the painmoons were you go on a trip to work through a rough period. Hotels are catering to the need of being offline, you can go there for your digital detox. For everyone that really wants to be off the radar, a vacation on a white spot, a place where there is no possibility for data connection is the place to be.

“Cocooning: because sometimes we want to go on a vacation in our comfort zones”

Cocoon vacation

A lot of people are looking for some peace and relaxation on their break after working hard for a year, they are choosing the cocoon vacation. Even though getting out of your comfort zone has the best effect according to research, the travel trends are also aimed at traveling comfortably. You will find hometels, hotels that feel like home with dinner being whatever is being cooked that day and a living room where guests can meet each other, everywhere in the world. At American American airports you can cuddle with animals like cats and pigs to relax. With the Sherpa app you can easily download a personal travel guide that is put together based on the best pictures on Instagram.

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Garden Iglo

“Micro adventures close to home: because vacation days and salary are not enough most of the time”

Micro adventure

The image of vacations always taking place abroad is not there anymore. Using your salary to have experiences instead of materialistic things has become the way to live, but the budget or the amount of vacation days is not always enough. We also do not always want to have the troubles of traveling like the safety percussions at airports or worry about the ecological damage of traveling. According to the trend watchers we are getting more inventive and are going on micro adventures close to home to get away from the daily life and busyness. A short road trip or a camping trip in your own country or just passing the border, one night away in a fancy hotel or in a Tiny House, stargazing in your own backyard or a festival that goes on for a few days. Lazing is also back: just doing nothing at a simple place without any distractions. The conscious travel trend Micro adventure is growing.

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