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How do we travel now and in the future? Why are some types of holidays so popular and are some destinations on the rise? Why is it that a conscious way of living and traveling is a hot topic?

As a travel & lifestyle trend watcher, I – Tessa aan de Stegge – am always ‘switched on’ to analyze and translate the trends, the hypes, the changing consumer needs and the innovative business models that meet those. I am putting this expertise on the map as a trendwatcher, researcher and as a pr and innovation strategist at Purpose LAB.

Through thorough research I map out what is happing, why it is happening and motivate mensen to think about the trends as a starting point. Here, the economy and its purpose are the most important. Lastly, I advice companies, destinations and governmental organization on the development of a future proof and meaningful strategy. Maybe you have seen me in the media, conferences or at events? I get invited as an expert on a regular basis!

The future? You can create it yourself, as long as you are willing to accept change

Who am I?

I grew up in a Dutch region named Twente, when I was young I learned that the world had a lot of wonders. Travelling, working abroad and studying were the reasons I spread my wings at an early age. I felt at home everywhere I went, but dynamic Amsterdam, Twente as my place to retreat and Iran, Colombia, India, Berlin, Cuba and Norway have a special place in my heart. Clients say I have a groundbreaking, honest and hands-on personality. The well known motto ‘Don’t hate what you don’t understand’  fits me perfectly. It is human to not like change, but new solutions are needed to deal with the new world.

The Japanese secret Ikigai as an inspiration


Surrounding myself with not-western ideas makes me feel refreshed and traveling shows me what my my goal in life. I believe in the Japanese interpretation that everyone has their own destination, ikigai. Four elements come together at ikigai: doing what you are good at, what you love, what helps others and what makes you money. To find this magical combination is what I wish to everybody. What I bring in my backpack is a career at both an agency and a destination (VisitNorway) and seven years of entrepreneurship, of which six as the owner of Cherry LAB which has meanwhile made a next step as Purpose Lab. I am familiar with the rush of making something and the ups and downs that go with it. My countryside heritage keeps me down to earth, which makes the expertise of trend watching pragmatic.

Purpose LAB

Giving people and brands a helping hand is my strength. My company Purpose Lab focuses on the development and marketing of responsible tourism experiences. I develop strategies, StoryMakers Events, presentations and workshops together with my networks of experts. We make sure that sustainable initiatives from brands, government and destinations reach the audience by bringing them to the attention of the industry, science and media like journalists, bloggers and news creators.

Conscious travel: make also some positive out of your holiday or trip to the place where you are a guest

Conscious travel

I get my inspiration through the countries that I visit and the people that I meet. Travelling has a paradoxical side that fascinates me. On one hand it connects the world and most of the time you are improving the local economy. On the other hand travelling pollutes the environment and things like mass tourism are bad for everyone involved. My objective is to minimalize my footprint and give the most positive meaning possible to the nature and culture and the people and animals I visit. So it is a win-win situation! Purpose Travel is the most important travel trend and spirit of the age in my opinion.

I am using my ikigai to discover, embrace and work with trends, hand in hand with people and brands. Will you contact me if you and your organization are ready for the adventure?

Tessa aan de Stegge